John 14:13-17

This is one of the major problem of every believer’s lives. Some are thinking they are doing good in the sight of other people. But if you observe the life of that person you won’t even see or feel that Jesus living in him. For example, instead of doing sharing the Gospel to the lost as God commanded, what he does is doing what he want for himself. If a believer doesn’t have an impact to other people specially to the unbeliever. Just ask this question, does the Holy Spirit really lives in me? This kind of living is not different from the other believers who have their own struggles. The moment we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savoir, your life already has a purpose and direction. He wants us to enjoy our lives in His grace to the fullest. All we have to do is to realize that we loving God isn’t enough. Of course, loving our Jesus is essential but knowing that God first loves us much more important (john 4:19. It’s impossible to love God and other people without even know He taught us to love first. If we do this, you will be assured that you have the right to say “God I love you” because you know how to do it.