A brilliant young concert pianist was performing for the first time in public. The audience sat enthralled as beautiful music flowed from the discipline fingers. The people could hardly take their eyes off this young virtuoso. As the final note faded, the audience burst the final applause. Everyone was standing except one old man up front. The pianist walked off the stage crestfallen. The stage manager praised the performance, but the young man said, “ I was no good, it was a failure.” The manager replied,” look out there, everyone is on his feet except old man! “Yes,” said the youth dejectedly, “ but that one old man is my teacher.”

Do we have the same desire for God’s Approval as that pianist had for his teacher’s praise? Our Lords approving smile is what really matters.

Psalm 37:4 “ Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart.”