Songs of praise are indeed one of the best ways for us to express our love and gratitude to the Lord. It can also be our way of talking to Him in whatever situation we have. Christian bands that commits themselves to bring great Christian music to people, are blessings from the Lord.

A band named Better Life Team is one of the bands that committed themselves in inspiring a lot of Christian people in Egypt to commit their lives to the Lord. This band was formed several years ago that envisions to share the gospel across Arab countries through music. Even though what they are doing is not really encouraged in their country, they still continue everything for the glory of the Lord. Now, this band remains to be big and powerful in its vision. From one band, they are now divided into 3 teams to cater more places to know Jesus.

In Egypt, the Lord is very great for doing a lot of changes in this country. God’s glory are being revealed that brings a lot of people back to Him. Also, many miracles are being witnessed and churches of different denominations are being united to pray for Egypt.  All because of the Lord’s working through the lives of the Better Life Team.