We, Christian, we are bounded by the Idea of expecting from the Lord. Yes, we should really be expectant to Him but we should never forget that as a Christian, as His child, there are also expectations from you,

Sometimes, as we obey the Lord, we do what He wants, knowing that we can expect something from Him. We expect that He will bless us, He will give us our heart’s desire, He will give us a good wife/husband, He’ll hear our prayers, and He’ll be giving us a good life. We sometimes depend on Him or rely on Him for the good life that we want.

We know that we are in a relationship with the Lord, being in a relationship, both side should work for it to last. Sometimes, we Christians just do the expecting thing but not doing the same for the Lord. The Lord is also waiting you to do great things for Him. Don’t just settle expecting from Him! Do your part as well!


“Make wide the place of your tent, and let the curtains of your house be stretched out without limit; make your cords long, and your tent-pins strong.”

What are the things that you could do for the Him? You can start by being consistent in your prayer life, in your devotion, attending church services or attending your WLGs. The Lord is worth it!