Are leading now? Are you leading because you have the skills and the knowledge that I required for a leader? If yes, who is your model in leading whatever group you are holding now? Is it someone in the government? Are you really sure that you are following the right model for leadership?

If you will be answering a name in the second to the last question that is not the name of Jesus, you are following not the BEST leader in the world. Only Jesus is the BEST leader that we can always look up to. He has the skills and the heart that is very much need for a great leader. He never chooses who He will lead and who He will hone. He never think twice of leading you closer to the Father.

One thing that Jesus taught us in His leadership is his unfailing love for everyone! He never sets standards for whom He will be serving and leading. If you want to be a great leader someday, be like Jesus! Love without standards, lead like Jesus!