Clan leader Norodin Alonto Lucman is a Politician and the most prominent local Muslim who accepted and feed into his territory. He reportedly took 71 civilians who hide in his home to avoid being caught in the crossfire between soldiers and militants. Philippines is predominantly Catholic except in Mindanao, which was an Islamic city where 90 percent of around 200,000 people, who make up its population, are Muslims. The Christian refugees who took shelter in Lucman’s house include teachers of a Protestant school that was burned down on the first day of the Islamists’ rampage. The insurgents set up a command post 100 meters from Lucman’s house which was why the jihadis frequented his home, telling him to surrender Christians in hiding. But he told them they were all Muslims. She refused. Lucman was advised by his military contacts, through text messages, of a bombing campaign which prompted them to emerge from their hiding. Holding an improvised white flag, the group trooped outside the city. Other trapped civilians joined them until their number rose to 144. They passed by several rebel snipers and checkpoints. Every time they were asked if there were Christians among them, they shouted “Allahu akbar (God is great)!” Until they made out of the war zone and into the army territory where they interrogated to ensure no ISIS member was mixed in their ranks.