I often feel in my life, when I do some mistakes often at work place by not being faithful or have not loved my brother, God has separated me and will punish me. If I find something difficult after that not being faithful to God, I get a feeling God has punished me. Today I realise now in a great merciful way, I want to say the greatest attribute of God is Mercy. He is our merciful father, he does not want to punish us, he just want to love us and he loves showing mercy towards us rather than punishing us. As he is righteous, he has to often do the judgement however his Mercy often overcomes anything.

As we see in the Merciful father of the Prodigal son story ( Luke 15), How much he wants to show mercy and forgiving and also wants to show the lavishness of love towards us. God changes his righteous decision to destroy sinful nations like Sodom and Gomerah (Genesis 18), But Abraham intercedes and tries to change his decision. Also when Hezekiel was sick, God changes his decision to add extra years into his life. God has changes his decision to show his mercy for the judgement against Nineveh when Jonah prophesized against their sinful deeds. We also see his Mercy when Hosea has been sent back to the prostitute to take back which shows his ultimate mercy. The greatest mercy is shown to us by sacrificing his only son for us in order to redeem us.(John 3:16)

Abba father, we love you and we thank you for your merciful love that you show us in our life all during our life till we come to you and united with you. Because we are saved by grace through faith not by our own deeds in Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 2:8).