What do you think the biggest quality of a great spiritual leader ?

In a secular world, people say a of lot of qualities like attitute, hardwork, vision, perseverance, endurance, humility, communication and the list could be endless. However in a spiritual world, its quite different, where you want to go is very important in your life, As you so much become closer to God, He will tell you where to go. He will give you a vision to go forward where is the direction to go. So vision is really important if you are especially a leader , you have to know where you are going otherwise you cannot lead a group to that direction. Leadership is not about trying to control people underneath you, its inspiring others to go into that direction which is quite challenging and motivating for the people involved.

What is important in a spiritual world is faith, where we have to see what we not see and walk in faith. Only people having great faith can see what is not there and take others with him. Faith and vision goes hand in hand, have a great faith in order to see the things that you dont see and convince them by creating awareness about it and start moving forward.