Padina grew up from a hostile environment, at her young age Padina used to recite prayers from Quran before going to school. She learned how to hate Christians and she was blinded by a belief that killing a Christian guarantees her a ticket from heaven. Padina followed all the rules of Quran, she washed herself before and during prayers to ensure purity. And that only left here on being depressed. When he found out the situation of her mother he decided to end her life and her mother’s life desperately. Padina saw a Christian evangelical pastor on the television. He now encourage desperate Iranians like her that there is hope in the promise that there is hope and future for them. Padina became furious when she discovered  that her mother was praying with the pastor. Padina had an argue with her mother. Her mother begged her to speak with the pastor. Padina responded that “Jesus was nothing he can do nothing, I will no blaspheme Muhammad”. Padina picked up the phone only to tell the pastor that she will kill herself and Jesus can do nothing about it. And the pastor replied “ Allah had done nothing for you, Give Jesus a chance you can always kill yourself next week”. The next morning padina was awakened by a sound of her mother that was completely healed by her illness. They went to run some test to prove that she is completely healed on less than 24 hours. “It was not Immam, It was Jesus” Padina spilled out. Instead killing herself on the television she spoke to Jesus with all her heart and praised Jesus Christ. Today even though it was prohibited in Iran over One Million evangelical Christians flock underground to worship Jesus Christ.